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How much does it cost to build a mobile app for pet - Volumetree

How Much Does it Cost To Build a Mobile App For Pets – Pet Tech To The Rescue

A mobile app is all the rage today. From apps to order bread online to booking air tickets, there’s an app for nearly everything. This technology has permeated into our lives and now governs nearly every aspect of what we do daily.

Mobile apps are especially popular with millennials, who spend 90% of their time browsing the internet on their handheld devices.

Another new trend amongst millennials is to keep a pet. With disposable incomes rising across the world, the pet industry has grown by leaps and bounds. People suddenly have found solace with a furry friend, something they could not really afford not too long ago.

Having a pet comes with its own unique challenges, and most of these new challenges present themselves as opportunities for entrepreneurs of this modern generation to innovate and start something new. One of these things is building a pet-centric app.

Pet tech and pet health tech are trending immensely these days. A pet health app seems the most logical way to ensure that you enter a field for innovation that is not yet teeming with others with hardly any room to wiggle in.

The market is ripe for the taking. One question remains in nearly everyone’s mind today – how much it really costs to make a mobile app. We will analyze the breakdown in this article and help you understand the various costs involved in making an app.

So, you have a wonderful idea that no one has thought of yet and you wish to create an app from it! Great!

How much will it cost? Here’s a rundown:

A ballpark figure is difficult for an idea, but the industry average for creating a mobile app is somewhere between $15,000 to $100,000 depending on the complexity involved and the number of platforms the app is created for.

As an example, an app that monitors the day of your pooch and helps you understand their routine while ensuring that they are staying as fit as needed seems to be something that nearly everyone is looking for. The following factors determine the cost of creating an app.

The A-team:

A comprehensive set of experts is important for an app to be successful. What a pet health tech app really needs at the outset is the following individuals:

Front-end developers: iOS and Android:

Developers for both Android and iOS are essential to ensure the development of the app goes seamlessly for both platforms.

Backend Developers:

Backend developers handle the data end of the bargain, ensuring that your users see the content they want.

User Interface Designers

Not everyone can design. UI designers are extremely important as their opinion can make or break an app.

Testing teams

Testing teams ensure that your product is rock solid and can take the beating an app does in everyday life.

Project Manager

Although Project Managers and Business Analysts appear to be an extra cost, these individuals will drive your development teams and ensure that your project runs smoothly and is understood well.

The needs: Expected feature sets

Your app will be as expensive as the feature set it offers. With many apps now integrating social media in their app as a seamless view and ensuring an admin panel along with subscription management, payment gateways, live video and compatibility with common wearables, the “generally expected” list is virtually endless.

Innovations: The wants – features that you may love

Deep Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and interactivity using chatbots are essential for apps to ensure that they can guide and drive the user to use the app more and more and ask for premium features.

Clear revenue model: How does this make money

Every app developer creates apps for revenue. Having a clear revenue model will assist your development team in creating the app to work towards that model. Most apps make money via subscriptions, advertisements and selling related products in-app. The sooner you find your combination, the better. This also affects the cost of the app as more revenue channels will require further complexity in the app.

The pet industry today is hovering around the $2 billion marks and is only expected to grow. As the innovators rise and create more and more effective solutions, the demand for these solutions will keep growing. With everyone hankering for a piece of the pet health tech pie, it is important that the development cost factor is considered before a foray into this lucrative industry.


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